Worth the Work?

Big bathroomEver since the housing market crash of 2008, many homeowners decided to instead concentrate on adding value to their own homes.

This, of course, was opposed to moving house, which is always a favourable option when looking to upgrade.

What this meant was that more and more extensions were being built and constructed; with the bathroom being very much a popular choice for improvement.

However, the flipside to the many advantages of such construction, was and is that more often than not, a bedroom needs to be sacrificed in order to make room for the additional bathroom space.

For some this presents a big decision as the future value of the home could be negatively affected.


And this is because reducing the number of bedrooms for any property is deemed a negative for any future and prospective buyers.

Of course whether this is actually pure fact is up for debate as it does really all depend on the actual buyers and their preferences.

Nonetheless, if a bedroom is to be sacrificed to enable to increase in space for the bathroom, it may be that such homeowners have no intention of selling the property in the future.

And so if this was indeed the case, then it makes the decision of starting construction, a much easier one!

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