Where to Begin?

WashbasinsWell to those readers that glanced through the previous post it is fair to say that we are now entering a place that is not too well liked by the majority of people!

And it is cases like cleaning the bathroom where hiring external help is understandable; something much more common these days as people simply cannot keep up with the daily working routine.


In terms of where to begin, this really is down to the individual. Some prefer to attack the more difficult areas first, whereas others prefer to ease themselves into what is going to be a gruelling germ-killing event.

Of course on one of the spectrum there are the bathing areas such as the shower, bathtub and wash basin; with the other end of the spectrum being the toilet and flooring.

Different cleaning techniques may well be required for each area depending of course on the amount of cleaning that is actually required.

On the whole though, a good cleaning solution accompanied by a scrubbing brush and cloth, ought to do the trick. The objective is not only to clean away dirt, however, but to also remove germs, which are effectively hidden from view.

This is often the mistake made by many in that they think a clean-looking bathroom is in fact a healthy one. This, however, could not be further from the truth.


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