What should we take into account when buying bathroom fittings?

If the world we live in would be ideal, then most likely for reasonably low amount of money we would be able to buy bathroom fittings that combine high quality, durability and are also beautifully designed, not to mention their functionality. Unfortunately, the world is quite far from perfection and high-quality goods are usually available for considerably high prices, which basically means that if we are looking for the equipment for our bathroom, we should try to find some good bargains and be ready for some compromises along the way – especially if we don’t have a small fortune to spend on these fittings. However even with relatively limited funds we can save some money by making wise decisions.

It’s all about materials

stainless steel toilet with a plastic seat

stainless steel toilet with a plastic seat

What, where and why?

If in your apartment the bathroom is separated from the restroom, then you’ve got quite a significant advantage right from the beginning: generally restroom is far easier to arrange because there’s not that much to install – a toilet bowl (in my opinion ceramic one would be the best due to easy maintenance and durability) with a comfortable seat and small corner washbasin (due to space-efficiency reasons) are enough to make a functional restroom. If you’ve managed to save some money on the restroom, you can and should invest them in a good shower tray or bathtub, depending on the size of your bathroom and your bathing preferences. Stainless steel may be worth considering, but usually it is used in these „industrial” designs, so if you don’t like them, you should avoid fittings made of stainless steel despite the fact that they are easy to clean and really durable. Acrylic fittings are prone to deformations and damage, so the best choice in my opinion are ceramic pieces of bathroom equipment.

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