Victorian style in the bathroom

Many people seem to think that arranging a bathroom in a Victorian style is very difficult and extremely expensive, so they (despite their genuine desire to have such arranged bathroom in their home) give up their dreams for far more standard solutions. The truth is a bit more complicated though: obviously if we would want to use only the original pieces of bathroom equipment from the Victorian era, costs would actually be astronomical – a single chandelier can cost several hundred thousand dollars. On the other hand a very similar effect wnhen comes to the look can be easily achieved without spending as huge money on that: all you really need is some time for browsing through the offers of sanitary ware manufacturers. Bathroom ceramics based on Victorian designs is not that expensive, you just need to know what you should look for.

Bathtub is essential

stylish footed bathtub

stylish footed bathtub

One of the most important elements of every Victorian bathroom is a comfortable bathtub which is basically a focal point of the whole bathroom – for this role quite good are bathtubs manufactured by „Koło” from series „Progress”, „Clarissa” or „Ego”. Basically your goal is to look for a footed bathtub that is retro-styled (the more retro, the better!) and appropriately large. Pf course the bathtub is not enough for a Victorian bathroom, so you definitely have to complete the arrangement with a wooden vanity unit and a toilet with a high tank. When comes to the vanity unit you should look for a mahogany one, but due to the fact that mahogany is rather expensive material, any exotic wood will basically do. Practically the same goes for the tank of the toilet – it should also be wooden. The above mentioned three elements are the foundation of a Victorian bathroom and without them you can’t call any bathroom Victorian – this is, however, not the end: the base must be completed with details. As they say, the devil is in the details and for a Victorian bathroom it is more true than you’d think: the beauty of such bathroom comes from the fact that the place is more like a small art gallery, where you can take a bath, than anything else. This simple truth you should bear in mind when choosing all accessories and decorations: a hanging mirror, maybe a wall-hung cabinet, probably several pictures on the walls, a vase full of fresh flowers somewhere in the corner… Remember that the bathroom (and especially a Victorian one) is the place, where you’re supposed to relax after a long, tiring day: in a Victorian bathroom it is very easy!

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