Using a Combination

Modern Bathroom interiorFor the majority of bathrooms they have one type of flooring style, which provides a solution to the entire area.

This is the favoured option of pretty much all homeowners and it is easy to see why.

The reason for this is simply convenience, quite possibly mixed in not having an eye for a design change.

As the title of the post suggests, using a

combination, in this case flooring, is an excellent way to enhance a bathrooms purpose and comfort.

Stepping out of the bathtub, for example, and onto a cold, tiled floor; is far from ideal. Heated flooring is of course an option, but it is still something that many deem too much of a luxury.

But what if one could step out onto a carpet area as well as a tiled area? Long term, carpets are not ideal for a bathroom simply because of water being very prominent.

However, smaller sections of the room could certainly be carpeted, which would offer users an outlay upon exiting the tub, for example.

Combining floor types is a relatively new concept but one that is definitely becoming more popular with buyers.

It is perhaps something more suited to those open to new styles and with a little more imagination in the design department, but its functionality cannot be denied (even by those not quite so keen).


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