Unorthodox Decor

Depositphotos_3052054_sWhen it comes to decorating your bathroom there are many different avenues to go down in terms of finding the perfect décor.

Some people prefer to choose the standard and simple route, which will consist of the basics; whereas others will ultimately take things one or two steps further and use some unorthodox decorative items.

It all depends on which side of the fence you sit on, and there are so many options available that you will never be struggling for choice.

One popular decorative outlook that is now being integrated into regular bathroom designs is seating areas. For whatever reason, homeowners are now including either a small sofa or at least some sort of stool, which acts as both a seated unit, and a decoration.

Personally speaking I find that this is now becoming a popular choice as a result of hotel influence, which often has something similar in place.

The thing is that it takes a certain style of hotel to do this. Quite often it is the newer eclectic hotels that promote the use of such items and it is these hotels that are also recognised and known for using unorthodox decoration in their rooms.

As with anything décor related, it all comes down to personal preference but it must be said that in the majority of cases, a seating arrangement does look the part, and it is clear to see why people might well consider this as something to include in their own bathrooms.


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