Tubs & Sinks Pt 2

long-haired woman cleaning tile with sponge in bathroom at home

long-haired woman cleaning tile with sponge in bathroom at home

Continuing on from the previous post where we touched upon the cleaning of a bathtub, let’s now concentrate on another area of the bathroom, the toilet.

This is perhaps the most important area, not only in the bathroom itself, but also the entire home, in terms of keeping clean.

And the reason for this is down to the sheer nature of what it is and what it is used for. Germs will naturally and easily congregate in and around toilet basins, which makes it something of a challenge to keep completely clean.

Due to the shape of a toilet unit it also makes the actual cleaning slightly more difficult than the bathtub for example.

With rounded shapes and smaller grooves, it means more cleaning tools are required. Most people choose to use a different cleaning solution unique for toilets, which is something else to consider.


Remember, germs can produce here quite quickly and rapidly if left unattended; so having a strong cleaning solution to combat this is vitally important.

There are two main parts; the inside and the outside, both of which present different types of challenges and issues. The key is to invest in proper materials to carry out the cleaning and it will make things much easier in the long run.

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