Tubs & Sinks Pt 1

woman gray sink cleaning with yellow gloves

woman gray sink cleaning with yellow gloves

It has been discussed here many times the fact that bathroom cleaning is perhaps the most undesirable task for all homeowners!

And this is due to the fact that many germs can congregate in this part of the home.

For the purpose of this post we will focus briefly on the cleaning of bathtubs and sinks.

First of all, do not be disheartened if either of these appears to be in need of a clean.

And the reason for this is that the very nature of their respective uses means that there will naturally be times where a clean is required.


Nonetheless do not mistake this as a way of waiting until this time comes! Keeping on top of things is the very best way to deal with any area that requires cleaning; particularly the bathroom.

OK so the bathtub should be sprayed with a strong cleaning solution that removes dirt, grim and most importantly, germs. This should be carried out approximately once a week, and ideally, be part of a routine.

The cleaning of the tub is relatively easy and quick and it really is just a matter of applying the solution, waiting the desired amount of time, and then rinsing down with clean water.

Other areas to look out for longer term are the protective layers on the outer rim of the tub, which will eventually require re-caulking.

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