Toilet Care

Toilet CleaningOK so we have already clearly established that bathroom cleaning is not exactly a task that will have people putting their hands up to volunteer.

And this is especially the case in regards to caring and cleaning for the toilet!

Perhaps this particular area is the most undesirable of all given its sheer purpose and usage.

Nonetheless, to ensure germs are kept at bay, toilet cleaning is an absolute necessity and it is vital for the wellbeing of the bathroom itself.

Obtaining a potent, but environmentally friendly cleaning solution is an excellent way of dealing with stubborn stains, limescale and grime. Add in a little bit of patience and your toilet will be germ free in no time!

Yes it is a rather undesirable task but there is no way around it; it has to be done. One piece of advice would be to use disposable cloths as opposed to the reusable types and this is because of germ prevention and general cleanliness.

Keeping on top of things is extremely important when it comes to bathroom cleaning and so the common consensus is to clean at least once a week, depending on the amount of use. The above is a guide for a typical family of four.

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