Things to Do – Part 5

Modern bathroom in blue and gray tones with toiletMoving on further from the previous post where the topic of eco-friendly wash basins was discussed and how they function to help reduce water waste; it is now time to look at some other areas of the bathroom that offer eco-friendly products.

The toilet, one of the most popular devices in the bathroom, is one of these as manufacturers have been hard at work designing water reduction units that not only help reduce water waste; but also look great!


And not only this, the design of these new devices is now able to integrate some of the most technologically advanced features, ever seen in the bathroom. Our ‘WCS & Toilets’ section of the site looks at this in more detail.

Bit back to the topic at hand and it is clear to see why bathroom manufactures have looked at the toilet as being a potentially good area to reduce water waste.

Every time one if flushed, it uses a small proportion of water, which is then distributed as waste. Given the very nature and function of the toilet, flushing is a regular occurrence, which therefore means it is prone to water being used.

It is unlikely that someone would agree not to flush as often as this would be unhygienic and rather difficult to do due to what the toilet is actually used for.

These new eco-friendly toilet devices, however, are able to use only the absolute minimal requirement of water per flush, which therefore acts as the sole contributor for reducing waste and helping the environment.

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