Things to Do – Part 4

Faucet with water dropContinuing with the theme of saving water in the bathroom, it is now time to up the stakes a little bit and move on to solutions that will initially cost something to setup.

But, in the long run, however, will ultimately save you money as a result of reduced utility bills; and all because of reduced water waste.

This topic could potentially be quite extensive but we will try and keep things brief; having already allocated three previous posts to the subject.

So what items can be bought, what are they and how do they save money? Well first up is an eco-friendly wash basin, which is a specially crafted unit; ultimately designed to reduce water waste.

The key element to this is the faucet, which as part of being eco-friendly, has varying ratios of distribution. Simply put, there are

different levels of output pressure; all of which are geared to producing less amounts of water, yet still maintaining the overall function of what a regular faucet does.

The faucet is carefully crafted so that smaller holes are included, which effectively means less space for waste. Visually speaking they look extremely similar; in fact, the eco-friendly wash basins actually have the appearance of a modernised unit.

The savings that can be achieved with an eco-friendly wash basin are amazing. The only downside, however, is a natural one, which is that money needs to be invested in the initial stage.

Nonetheless and as noted above, savings will be made straight away after installation, which over time, will also serve to claw back the initial outlay.

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