Things to Do – Part 3

Water faucetOK so some of the final things that can be done to help reduce water waste in the bathroom, without costing a sweet penny, will form the foundation for this post.

We have spoken already about switching from bath to shower and then reducing the actual time spent in the shower, so what else is there that can be done?

First up is a very simple solution, but surprisingly, one that many people find difficult

to adhere towards. This is during the teeth brushing routine; most people tend to leave the tap running whilst brushing their teeth; even though they will only periodically actually use the water being distributed from the faucet!

Some say this is down to habit, whereas others will claim it is just sheer laziness! I would say that it is perhaps a mixture of both; although the latter probably does carry a little more weight to the argument!

Next up is one for the guys and it is in relation to shaving. And is pretty much the same as the issue above; the faucet is left to distribute water that is just not being used!

So guys, if you are willing to consciously reduce the water waste coming from your bathroom, this is definitely an area to consider!


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