Things to Do – Part 2

A shower head is spraying water.Before we move on to water reduction scenarios that involve the purchasing of an eco-friendly product, let’s continue to highlight some of the things that can be done at no cost.

In the previous post we spoke about swapping a bath for a shower, simply because of the amount of water that is used.

This is certainly one of the first steps to take, although what often happens is people can sometime feel a little underwhelmed; with the knock on effect of this being that they spend much longer in the shower!


Well as you may have guessed, the next suggestion is to reduce the amount of time spent in the shower. Studies show that by spending as little as 5 minutes less per shower; gallons of water can be saved each month.

And when this is repeated over a 12 month period; the amount saved suddenly becomes a figure worth noting. And remember, not only do these suggestions help in the quest for reducing water waste, but they also help homeowners save money by reducing their utility bills.

Water use is not necessarily cheap and so there are two incentives working side by side for bathroom users. There are so many ways to reduce water waste in the bathroom and it really is all down to the discretion of each user. There will be more on further solutions in the next post.

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