Things to Do – Part 1

ShowerAs discussed in the previous post, the bathroom is the first place to start when considering the economy and the bigger picture of climate change.

To recap, however, the reason for this is that the bathroom is where the most water is used within the home and so it presents the most likely opportunity to reduce this usage.

Often though, people do not know exactly where to start, even though it might seem fairly straightforward to others.

The thing with energy conservation in the bathroom is that it is ultimately down to the users as to how drastic or realistic the newfound approach is.

For example, one of the first areas to consider is to take a shower instead of a bath. Filling the bathtub ultimately consumes a large amount of water when compared to the amount consumed taking a shower.

This is fairly easy to recognise and therefore it would also be a great place to begin. Again, as noted above, this is at the discretion of each user, but it is at least worth understanding the logistics behind each option, which can then help lead to an informed decision being made.

Nonetheless, the above is certainly a great starting point to those wanting to do their bit for the environment. And the great thing is that it does not cost a penny; unlike some of the strategies and solutions we will be discussing within this section of the blog. So stay tuned if you are curious as to what these may be.

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