The New Era

??????????????Bathrooms are becoming such a popular and prominent part of the home that it is almost as if they are now on par with the Living Room, in terms of decorative opportunities.

But it is another area where bathrooms are now the market leaders.

This is, of course, the eco-friendly department where saving energy and assisting the environment are vital requirements.

Given that the bathroom is largely responsible for the use of water, it comes as no surprise that this is the one part of the home, which has been targeted for eco-friendly use.

And so therein lies the reasoning as to why the influx of funding has become so apparent for bathroom manufacturers all over the world.

From eco toilets and wash basins to bathtubs and showers, the possibilities have increased tenfold to improve the amount of water consumed in the average household.

Of course the reality is that the majority of homes in the UK do not contain these modernised units just yet as there are more traditional properties than new.

However, it is expected that over the next ten to fifteen years, the majority of homes will indeed house everything needed to tick the eco-friendly boxes. And with more and more new properties being built, it is easy to understand how this will be the case.

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