The Benefits of an En-Suite

Luxury bedroom interior designAdding an en-suite bathroom to a bedroom is one of the most popular and desirable home improvements for many homeowners in the UK.

Perhaps the biggest and most beneficial advantage of having an en-suite is the increased convenience that it provides.

Also, given that the bathroom is such a personal part of the home, an en-suite also provides an added sense of privacy.


So the reasons as to why homeowners might want to invest in such a structure is clear for all to see; so why doesn’t everyone do it?

Well the answer to this is simple, space. Many properties do not possess the flexibility of space, which would allow a bathroom en-suite to be constructed.

This is the single most common issue faced when propositioning the idea, but there is also planning permission from the local council that needs to be taken into consideration.

Given that this can sometimes be somewhat of a drawn out process, many homeowners just deem it to be an unnecessary and prolonged process that ultimately stops them from proceeding with the en-suite build.

To those lucky and fortunate enough to a) have the space and b) be willing to go through the rigmarole of communicating with the local council; ejecting an en-suite is an extremely advantageous construction that has more than its fair share of benefits.

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