Tackling Grime

kitchen sink with water dropsThe bathroom is the one area of the home most likely to be effected by limescale and grime.

And it is clear to see why given the amount of small and hidden areas where water can gather.

Also, let’s not forget about things such as dirt and chemicals, which naturally float around this part of the building.

Plugholes are perhaps the most commonly effected areas of the bathroom; much in part to the amount of water and waste it collects.

Think about it, with the difference in chemicals and ingredients being pushed down and through the plughole area, it will open up the possibility of unfamiliar elements being created.


And as well as this, let’s not forget about the naturally created elements such as steam, which has a huge effect on the production of germs.

Throw it all into the mix and it soon becomes clear  why regular cleaning is an absolute necessity in the bathroom; perhaps more so than in any other area of the home?

So tackling grim, we have established, is going to be a long term battle, but that does not mean it has to be a regular one. Weekly cleans or even every fortnight should be enough to keep the situation under control.

And then perhaps once or twice a year a thorough deep clean should take place, just to be safe.

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