Surface Cleaning

Close-up of a woman cleaning a bathroom's floorWhen it comes to cleaning the bathroom there are many and all methods that can be chosen to get the best results.

There are 2 types of cleaning; surface and in-depth, which each have their own characteristics.

For the purpose of this post we will concentrate on surface cleaning as for most people this is the most common! This involves literally cleaning or wiping over the surface of each the main (or all) bathroom units.

More often than not this can be a relatively quick task depending of course on the size of the actual bathroom area. And not only is it the units but also the floors.

A quick hoover, sweep or damp mop can also be classed as surface cleaning. This, opposed to a thorough and deep cleansing solution, which involves either bleach, or some other kind of a potent cleaning solution.

The reality is that many people do not like the idea of cleaning the bathroom, which is something we have spoken about at length in previous posts. Also, it is a sort of common knowledge among homeowners!

And so this is perhaps why surface cleaning is so commonly carried out by people all over the world.

Time is another reason perhaps why in depth cleaning is not as popular, which is maybe why the term “spring clean” is used; as it is another way of saying that an in-depth solution is required. Only with a Spring clean, this only happens once a year!

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