Snazzy Shapes

Modern style bathroom design with hand wash basin and other decoSo what is you favourite shape and style of wash basin available in the current marketplace?

There are literally endless possibilities in terms of design types, functionalities and materials; making it either a fun or stressful task for buyers!

Square and rectangular shapes seemed to be among the most popular a number of years ago when it became stylish to update the standard,

regular, oval wash basin.

And to this day these types of basin’s are still well in circulation among many UK households, although there are a number of new styles becoming quite popular among buyers.

For example, double wash basin units are extremely well sought after for many couples, as are the larger circular units. The former has its own purposeful reasons for being popular, which are quite obvious.

But what about the bigger units? Well these are perhaps now growing in popularity as many homeowners are now increasing the size of their bathrooms by way of an extension.

And so with an increased space and area, it provides an opportunity to also increase the size of the units and accessories contained within.

So along with wash basins, other areas that can he enhanced as a result of a bathroom extension is the bathtub, shower unit and even the toilet!

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