Small Things

bathroom in modern styleAs alluded to in the previous post, the bathroom is an area of the home where space for storage is somewhat scarce.

What this does is it forces the homeowner to become creative when attempting to store the many items that are used within this particular section of a home.

Previously we discussed the option of towel racks and how they play their part in storing towels in a nice, compact way.

But what about other areas? For example, what about toiletries and the like?

One of the best pieces of advice that we would give our readers is to make serious use of shelves as opposed to vanity units and cupboards.

Shelves present an excellent solution for toiletries to be stored, and also act as a way of decorating the actual room itself.

Standard shelves can be used, but being creative is also a great way of having a greater impact on the overall atmosphere, which can be created by being a little more creative.

And it’s not just toiletries that can be used for storage; there is a whole host of things that will improve the look and feel of such things. It really is just a case of having an open mind and making use of the space.

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