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Modern bathroom interiorIn previous posts we have touched upon the different designs and styles of shower units and also noted some of the modernised features now available for purchase.

Here we would like to touch upon something a little different, which are double showers and / or double headed showers as they are also referred to.

These days, more and more people are in search for their own space and something that is now extremely common is for bathrooms to

include two sinks; as opposed to the customary one. This is popularly “his and her” sinks (wash basins) because let’s face it; certain people definitely have differing requirements to others when it comes to time in the bathroom!

And so to take things one step further, bathroom manufacturers have been introducing double shower units, which of course enables more than one person to shower at the same time.

Naturally this is for families and / or married couples, but it is certainly a solution that provides an extra convenience. It means less time waiting around for people to finish, and more time to get things done.

Differing privacy standards are available, which in itself creates a number of different designs and styles; such a common thing for shower units (as highlighted in earlier blog posts).


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