new architecture, blue public bathroomIn one of the recent posts written on this blog, we touched upon the popularity and necessity of public bathrooms and how they served a major purpose in the UK.

Without going over old ground, it is fair to say that without them, there would be major uproar and services would be greatly disrupted.

One interesting article that I came across this week was in regards to the self-cleaning public bathrooms, which are slowly making their way to these shores.

In summary, they do exactly as their title suggests; they clean themselves, without any human intervention.

Of course the cleanliness of these areas has long been an issue, much in part to the sheer volumes of use they receive each day.

And so it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the genius idea of a self-cleansing unit.

But are these new designs setting out what they set to achieve? Well it seems the common consensus is that yes they are.

But, and there always seems to be a “but”, the majority of users are making the subtle complaint that the units remain wet and damp.

So it seems the issue is therefore with the drying side of things, as opposed to the cleanliness, which is apparently first class.

As with any new addition to the technological world, there will be teething issues, which will no doubt be fixed as newer versions become available.

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