Room for Two

Modern bathroomThe norm for any given bathroom is to have a singular bathtub and perhaps a shower unit if space is available.

Alternatively, the shower unit can be placed above the bathtub so as to conserve space. It also presents the only option in many homes.

But let’s assume for a moment that space is not an issue. Would it therefore be a possibility for two bathtubs to be integrated into a bathroom’s design?

This is a question posed by one of our regular readers and so we agreed to touch upon the subject in one of our posts; hence what you are reading now.

The suggestion is very indifferent to that of a normal bathroom layout, but it is possible. Of course the main factor is space and whether or not an additional tub can be accommodated?

In most cases the answer to this question will be ‘no’, but there is the odd exception. Take an old, Victorian house, for example; having two bathtubs in a these bathrooms is not necessarily so uncommon when compared to the more modernised buildings.

The history of these buildings is very much the reason for this, as is the lifestyle that was led during the time these buildings were constructed.

Very few, if any, bathroom manufacturers showcase two bathtub units, but this is more to do with the fact it is not likely, as opposed to it being impractical.


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