„Refresh” suite by Twyford – a bit of info

There are sanitary ware manufacturers that are known (and renown) only locally, there are those, who sell their products in the whole country and finally there are also those, who are reputable all over the world. To the latter category obviously belongs Twyford and bathroom suites sold by them are considered to be of really high quality, beautiful and functional. Today I’ve decided to take a closer look at one of older suites from Twyford’s offer mainly because it is a very nice example of a complete series (for those, who haven’t read my previous entries: by „complete” I mean the presence of all necessary pieces of equipment including bathtub or shower enclosure) and due to the fact that it is also very beautifully designed.

Stylish, elegant and water saving

Refresh washbasins

Refresh washbasins

After taking a closer look at the list of elements of „Refresh” suite someone could say that this series is far from being complete, because there aren’t many fittings available – this suite consists of three WCs (one close coupled, one wall-hung and one back-to-wall), two multi fixing washbasins (different in size), two cloakroom washbasins (different in size and the number of tap holes), one semi-recessed washbasin, one countertop washbasin, two bidets (one floor standing and one wall-hung) and bath panel. Additionally this suite allows to choose one of five baths from other suites – that’s the most interesting solution in „Refresh”: personally I find it a very good idea, because I don’t have to stick to one or two suggested tubs and can choose something that better suits my taste and needs. All the aforementioned bathtubs are identical in size: 1700×700 mm. You have to remember that there are only three absolutely necessary elements in every bathroom: toilet bowl (with seat,of course), bathtub (or shower enclosure) and washbasin – „Refresh” suite has them all, which is the reason why I call this suite „complete”. Additionally it is worth to mention that of all available toilets in this series only one uses more water per flush than the rest (flushes 6/4 litres) while two other have significantly lower water usage: 4/2,6 litres per flush, which is a fantastic choice for every water saving bathroom design. All the above elements are designed in an elegant, yet functional way.


In my opinion „Refresh” suite is a good choice for all those, who prefer rather traditional and elegant designs combined with the possibility to save water if we use the toilet often – for example if we have a large family. Also the wide choice of bathtubs (though not necessarily designed for this particular suite) should be considered an advantage. Moreover „Refresh” suite is not expensive, which makes it available for practically anyone and high quality bathroom suite for reasonable price is always a good bargain!

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