Racks and Shelves

modern bathroom detailFinding good storage areas in the bathroom is not easy as there are certain restrictions in place. This is obviously due to the nature of what goes on in the bathroom and so with the potential for water spillage ever present, taking advantage of any spare space is vital.

As the title of the post suggests, we will be discussing racks and shelves; objects that are certainly a welcomed addition to any bathroom.

The reason for this is that they are so simple, yet also so effective, which means they can be used as an excellent storage mechanism.

Some of the most likely items that can be stored here include towels, linen, liquids, gels and other bathroom accessories such as decorative items and fragile ornaments.

The truly great thing about racks and shelves; is that they do not cost the earth and can even be constructed by those with certain trade abilities.

Most commonly an addition to walls for ease of access, racks and shelves can also be added to doors, which make for yet another likely source of storage.

Of course certain considerations need to be made when doing this; none more so than the type of material used and the types of objects to be stored.

This is because weight becomes an all important factor; given the sensitivity of an open and closing door frame.

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