Prepare for the Inconvenience

buildersWhen it comes to adding any kind of extension to the home, there is of course going to be some sort of down time.

What this means is that there is naturally going to be a period of time where the regular, day to day functionality of the home will ultimately be unavailable.

And it is only when this takes place that homeowners are made fully aware of the extent and discomfort the situation can provide.

Popular extension areas are the kitchen and bathroom areas; both of which are areas of the home where important day to day activities take place (food preparation and bathing).

And so it is vitally important that before any decision is made to extend in these areas, the complexity of the situation and the inconvenience that this will cause, is thoroughly thought out.

Contingency plans may well need to be put in place, because the worst case scenario is not being able to deal with the shock and sudden realisation of the situation.

For example with a bathroom extension there is every chance that no hot water will be available for a short to prolonged period of time. It could even be that the entire water supply of the house is unavailable also.

And so preparation needs to be made to deal with things during this time. What kind of preparation and practical advice for dealing with a bathroom extension will therefore be discussed in upcoming posts.

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