Playing an Important Role

Black and white bathroomBathroom flooring is often something that is not always part of the initial thought processes when decorating a bathroom.

Naturally, it is areas such as the shower unit, bathtub, wash basin and the toilet.

The floor, however, just does not seem to be a priority

The reality though is that it should perhaps be one of the first areas up for consideration; such is the importance of the role it plays.


Many people who opt not to include bathroom flooring in the list of priorities will often just settle for something quick and easy to install such as a carpet or lino.

However, using the example of a carpet, this will inevitably prove to be an unwise choice as the different types of activities in the bathroom (predominantly water use) will result in a carpeted floor becoming damaged.

Suddenly, that rushed decision to install such material is no longer considered to be a wise one. Perhaps the very best option for a bathroom floor is to install tiles as they are proven to be long lasting and do not require too much maintenance, not much at all in fact.

A routine sweep followed by a thorough cleanse every now and then will be more than enough and will see assist the tiles in being in it for the long haul. Are there any downsides to this type of flooring though?

Well unfortunately the answer is yes.Tiles can often become rather cold (especially in the winter months), which is somewhat uncomfortable. Slippage is also a common issue, caused as a result of spilled water.


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