Paperwork Requirements

House front in scaffoldsA recent post on the site sparked a few questions from readers in relation to work permits and paperwork requirements for bathroom extensions.

The reality is that each property has its own set of regulations; both with the local council and the actual property developers.

For example if you bought a house 20+ years ago from on a private housing estate (from a property developer), you will have been

required to contact them should you wish to make any structural changes to the actual property.

So, for example, knocking down a wall to increase the overall size of the bathroom would most likely require “permission” from the actual developers.

In all likelihood this would also mean a small fee being paid. At the same time, depending on the actual type of extension being made to the bathroom, the local council may well have to be consulted; if only to make them aware of your plans.

If the extension caused no viewable change to the outer structure of the home then the chance are the council would not get involved. However, if the outside were to change, then the council may have certain legislations in place, and certain certificates may need to be obtained.

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