Old or New

Master bath with large step in showerThere is a saying that goes “out with the old, in with the new”.

In summary, it means to rid something of its old, dated self and replace it with something fresh and modern.

In terms of the bathroom, however, it is a saying that can be somewhat contradicting.

And the reason for this is because design and decorative items work in cycles of being “in

fashion” and so what often happens is designs that were perhaps once all the rage in years gone by; once again become fashionable.

And this is all despite them going out of fashion in the first place! Conspirators might even go as far to say that this is all part of a long term plan for the bathroom manufacturers to give themselves the best possible chance of selling all of their stock.

Could this be true? Possibly, but the more likely reason for dated fashion becoming fashionable again, is general evolution.

The perfect example in the bathroom area would be a bidet; long established in years gone by to be an important addition to the room, yet eventually found its way replaced by empty space.

Nowadays, however, bidets are slowly becoming more desired by homeowners as they look to add a little character to their bathrooms.


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