Next Steps

Cleaning Bath TubAfter the difficulty of tackling the toilet area, the good news is that things get slightly easier from now on.

In fact, the worst is very much now out of the way and apart from the odd condensed area, things should be pretty straight forward from here on in.

Depending on the layout of your bathroom will very much depends on the next suggested step. For example if you have a bathtub then this should be the next point of call.


Cleaning the tub, however, is very easy to do and only requires some warm water mixed with cleaning solution and a cloth.

Starting with the outside of the unit is perhaps the best place to begin as there should not be too much (if any) dirt or grime.

Once this is complete, move on to the inside and cleanse thoroughly; ensuring that the cloth is now clean and free from any excess.

Concentrate your efforts on the water line. It may be that there is more than one of these depending on how many people have used the bathtub since the last cleaning session.

After this, it is time to tackle the taps, which is going to be the area where most of the germs will have been formulated. And therefore it is absolutely paramount that good force is applied here.

If possible, a higher strength of cleaning solution should be applied.


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