New or Repair

bathroom fixtures and fittings are of different construction

bathroom fixtures and fittings are of different construction

Plumbing is not necessarily the cheapest of manual tasks for homeowners when it comes to repair work.

In fact it could be argued that a good plumber would cost more than a good craftsman, plasterer or electrician.

And it is maybe because of this why many are hesitant to have items and units repaired at the time of error.

It is also perhaps why many do not treat the repair in the first instance, which then leads to

an increased repair being required further down the line as a result!

The purpose of this post is to decide what is the better outcome? Is it to buy new or repair an old unit?

The question itself is extremely difficult to answer due to the wide and varying types of repairs that can be undertaken.

Generally most of these will occur in the bathroom and kitchen areas of the home; with each offering their own unique types of repairs depending on the unit in question.

In some instances there will be opportunities for costly repairs, which in turn will then extend the lifespan of the unit.

Others will require a completely new unit to be purchased. But the key component to choosing the best option is how long the unit will last if repaired. Do not underestimate this whatever you do.

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