New Features Continued

modern bathroomContinuing with the theme of new and innovative toilet designs, this post will once again highlight some that are truly making waves throughout the bathroom manufacturing industry.

Previously we discussed the heated toilet seat and how, although it was rather innovative, it was long overdue, and perhaps nothing too out of the ordinary.

So let’s turn things up a notch and highlight another special feature, the motion sensor toilet lid!

First of all though, let us consider this for a minute and perhaps pose a question to our male readers; how many times (possibly in the middle of the night) have you “accidentally” not lifted up the toilet seat, and then come morning time, had someone give you a little niggle in your ear about you being lazy?!

Yep, no need for further comment because it is quite a common theme! Well not anymore if you would like to invest in one of the

aforementioned devices; toilet lids with a motion sensor that activate whenever you are in range of the actual unit. Think about this for a minute and just how convenient this is for the male generation. Such a simple device it may be, granted; but one that is well and truly an excellent addition to the bathroom.

And not only is it functional in terms of actual toilet usage, but also in terms of germ prevention and ease of access when cleaning. Effectively what it means is that you need no longer touch the actual seat ever again.


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