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bathroomAs noted in the previous post, the toilet has come a very long way and bathroom manufacturers are now offering so many new and innovative designs and styles, accompanied by some truly amazing and futuristic features.

The first one that we would like to highlight here in this post is in regards to something that we all will no doubt be able to relate to, and respect at the same time!


Without becoming too detailed in the explanation, using a toilet device in the colder conditions is not always the most pleasant of experiences.

If only there was some kind of direct heating mechanism that could be used to remove the unpleasantness? Well it seems that the main bathroom manufacturers have listened to this overwhelming outcry of public opinion and, as a result, have introduced heated toilet seats that enable direct heat to the new style of seat.

This therefore completely eradicates the one area of unpleasantness experienced when using the toilet in cold conditions. Much like the toilet itself, this is such a simple feature given the advancements made in technologies over the years; yet for some reason, it has taken far too long for it to be integrated into the overall design structure of a toilet device.

The heated seat is of course a very welcomed addition, but there is more, much more in fact, and we will be discussing this plus much more in the next post.

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