More than One

double bathroom hand wash basinUnder normal circumstances a typical bathroom will have a single wash basin unit.

This is also the case for bathtubs, showers and toilet units. In UK homes it is fair to say that this is the standard configuration, whereas in Europe and the USA, things are slightly different.

For example, many European bathrooms use bidets, and many bathrooms in the US have additional units (due to larger space).

The wash basin is, like with all other units in the bathroom, used quite frequently; although it could possibly be the most commonly used due to the number of actions that can be solved.

Therefore, by only having one single unit, it can sometimes create an issue for homeowners and those that live in the property.

Therefore, many have decided to install additional wash basins, even at the cost of limiting the space within the bathroom.

Of course to those fortunate enough to have a larger bathroom area this is somewhat irrelevant, but even something as little as a new wash basin addition can cause space issues in regular sized rooms.

Nonetheless, it allows for increased productivity and can save a lot of time, especially in the morning! The great thing is that costs are also minimal, as long as there is no issues with plumbing.

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