More on Rim-Free Toilets

modern bathroomIn the previous post we discussed how bathroom manufacturers were able to change and update a widely recognised design in order to combat germs.

This was achieved by removing the rim of the toilet seat; an area prone to germ congregation and debris.

The introduction therefore of the rim-free toilet shows how something so simple is able to produce some truly fantastic and amazing results.

We looked at how for users of the toilet, they too benefit as they are no longer being exposed to so many germs when using the toilet or touching the rim.

Another way, however, in which this new and upgraded design benefits people is when the time comes for cleaning; one of the most unlikable jobs in the home!

The sheer removal of the lid means that much less cleaning is required, which therefore removes a big cleaning task. I think it is fair to say that this is very much a welcomed addition to the weekly routine!

As well as this being the case, it helps the environment as it means less cleaning solutions are being used, which means less chemicals being produced.

Of course this is an indirect effect on the environment, but one that in the long term, will surely see the benefits. In summary, expect to see the rim-free toilet in every UK household within the next ten years; such is its popularity.


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