More on Functionality

?Z???x???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????A clear and precise explanation of the bidet device was well and truly given in the previous post, so hopefully that will help clear up any confusion on the subject.

It was also noted that a bidets primary function is to assist in the cleaning of certain aspects of the body; some more personal than others.

Cleaning feet is one of the main areas that people nowadays use to clean as the position and structural size of a bidet makes this much easier than using a shower or wash basin.

In fact, a bidet can accurately be described as being just that; a wash basin but one that is situated at a much lower level (to the floor).

It therefore makes cleaning feet and other, more sensitive areas of the body, a little more practical; and much more flexible.

Depending on the design of the bidet depends very much on how it will function. However, in the majority of designs, water will be distributed in an upwards motion, which allows a host of different body parts to be cleansed.

Very much like a wash basin, this water is provided through a tap and there is also a plug hole, which sees the water disperse. Other designs will have a nozzle instead of a tap, which as noted above, will distribute the water in an upward motion.

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