Minimalistic series for small bathrooms – „Visit” by „Keramag”

Inconveniences with arranging small bathrooms usually do not come from the size of the place itself, but rather from the fact that it is quite difficult to find a good combination of functionality and the comfort of use. That’s why the main goal in such situation is working out a reasonable (and acceptable) compromise, which does not always seem to be possible – of course this is most likely the case when someone tries to arrange a small bathroom using standard-sized bathroom ceramics. Fortunately for owners of small bathrooms there are also available on the market series of ceramics designed specifically for arranging smaller bathrooms and today’s „hero” belongs to this category – I mean „Visit” series offered by „Keramag”.

Simple, yet functional design

Visit washbasin

Visit washbasin

The whole „Visit” series consists of only twelve elements: four washbasins (all of them have exactly the same width: 36,5 cm), two of which are integrated with pedestals and two aren’t, one toilet bowl (wall-hung, available only with 6 litres flush), two toilet seats, one urinal, cover for the urinal, one granite shelf (rather large – 65 cm), one ceramic shelf (medium-sized – 32 cm) and a towel rail (can be also used for a newspaper). You will not find in this series any bathtub or shower enclosure, but in this particular case it is not a huge problem, because „Visit” series is meant to be used in small bathrooms anyway, so the best idea in such situation seems to be giving the owner a possibility to choose a tub or tray that best fits the needs and the size of bathroom – even if it means buying something from other than „Keramag” manufacturer. There is also the option to arrange the bathroom in the form of a wet room – this may still not be a popular choice, but this does not mean that it’s not functional or comfortable for users, especially if the bathroom is smaller than 2 square meters. When comes to the look of individual elements of the discussed series, I have to admit that I like the design very much – simple, yet elegant and functional, which definitely is an advantage. There is a flaw as well though: for some reason practically all series of ceramics that are sold as designed for small bathrooms are rather expensive to buy and that’s the case also for „Visit” ceramics. Fortunately the most expensive element, a granite shelf, isn’t in any way mandatory, but still the price limits the usability of this series for all those, who could possibly want to buy it for their bathrooms.

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