Making Repairs Pt 2

double bathroom hand wash basinFollowing on from our previous post regarding the likelihood of a wash basin needing a repair, let’s look at the different methods.

For example if there is a minor scratch that needs to be fixed, the type of repair will be very different to that of a chip or severe crack.

The first (scratch) is a minor cosmetic issue that can in most cases be fixed using a simple colour covering kit; available at most DIY stores.


In these types of cases it is probably best to take pictures from varying angles before deciding what product to use for the repair.

Moving on, if a wash basin has a medium to severe chip or crack, then a much different repair is required. And in some cases, it may be that a whole new unit needs to be purchased.

However, for the purpose of this post let’s assume that a repair can indeed be made. So what are the options? There will be a variety of different options available depending on the severity of the issue.

But it is most likely that some sort of filler and adhesive will need to be purchased, as well as a colour filler. A combination of all 3 will be required, each in a staged approach, and each will require different types of recovery time.

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