Making a Change

ToiletThe toilet is a device that has very much advanced in terms of the technology being used.

Given that the bathroom is an area where hygiene is of the utmost importance, it comes as no surprise that manufacturers have been creating ways in which they can improve in this area, and reduce the production of germs.

The toilet, down to its very nature in terms of functionality, is one part of the bathroom that is exceptionally prone to germ production and so manufacturers were set the task of coming up with ways to combat the ever present problem.

One of the things that came into being after this task was set, was the rim-free toilet; something which really has gone on to become an integral unit in the more modern bathrooms.

Given that the rim of the toilet is where the majority of germs seem to congregate, it really did not come as any surprise to see that

manufacturers were looking very intently at this part of the toilet when considering their approach.

Being rim free is certainly showing major intent to combat germs. And not only that, but it also helps to serve users, as they too will be limited.

Effectively then, the introduction of such a small change to a widely recognised design, has now improved a variety of different areas including the people that use it.

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