Less of the White

Modern pink bathroomIn years gone by the colour, White, was most prominently used in bathrooms all over the world.

And in many situations, this is still very much the case today. However, the savvier bathroom designers are now much more conscious of having a singular colour occupying the entire circumference of the room.

Painting all of the walls White, is now considered, for a better word, slightly boring.

And from a person point of view I would have to agree. This is why many designers now insist on spicing things up a little bit and incorporating an array of different colours and colour schemes to entice a warmer and more vibrant aura.

Their argument is that the bathroom should not simply be a place to carry out certain tasks, but it should also be an area to be proud of; much in part to way in which it has been decorated. Being creative with colours is not exactly a difficult task but it is fair to say that some of the more vibrant designs require homeowners to be a little brave in their decision making.

So at first, not painting your bathroom in White may seem a tad daunting, but with the way in which bathrooms are now becoming more modernised; it is only a matter of time before theĀ  majority of homeowners decide to upgrade the look and feel of their walls; and introduce some much needed colour.


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