Innovative Features

Modern interior of the bathroomWhen you think of the bathroom, you don’t necessarily think of gadgetry, new innovations or pretty much anything to do with electronics.

And this is of course a natural trait of thought given that water is very much a big part of this area in the house.

However, was technology has advanced, and at such a fast rate, it has brought with it more opportunities to integrate gadgetry into the bathroom.

In fact, you could argue that this is now one area of the home that has some of the most new and innovative experimental gadgetry; such is the freshness and extravagance of some of the features.

Using the shower as an example, there are now many exciting options available with such units, which has seen the introduction of things like radio’s, televisions and remote temperature control; it has become something of a technology whizz kids’ dream, seeing the different elements now integrated into previously simple but effective shower unit designs.

Remote controls are now obviously extremely popular in all walks of technology, yet having such functionality in an actual shower would previously have been unthinkable. Well not now, as the vast majority of new functions are also now controlled by a central remote; again adding even more convenience to the overall experience.


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