Increasing in Numbers

old showerThe importance of shower units in today’s society has already been discussed at length in earlier posts within this very section.

Their popularity is uncontended and they continue to be a very regular choice with buyers.

So much so is this the case that more and more homeowners are now purchasing more than one shower unit; with installations taking place in other parts of the house (as opposed to just the main master bathroom).

The increased levels of desired privacy have led to additional bathrooms being installed in many current and new homes, which have therefore increased the opportunity for an added shower unit.

However, it is not just inside the home where showers are now being installed. External units are being setup outside the home; particularly in gardens and yard areas.


Much of this naturally depends on the climate and so it is no surprise to hear such ideas being undertaken in the warmer countries (not necessarily the UK!).

Thinking about this briefly, it really should not come as much of a surprise given that outdoor showers are extremely popular in holiday resorts that include swimming pools.

They are also heavily present at beaches as a public amenity. Taking all of this into consideration, it is easy to see where the idea came from and why it is that homeowners are duplicating the idea themselves.


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