Ignoring the Stigma

toiletThere is something of a stigma attached to bidets, which very much comes from those in today’s society.

They say that a bidet provides no real use and that many people are put off by their functionalities and reasons for being.

Even though bidets are slowly making their way back into the designs of the more modern bathrooms, this stigma still exists.


The thing is that whether you decide to use a bidet or not, it is always going to be down to personal opinion. Some users will and some will not.

There are many different kinds that can be purchased and all have their own way of undertaking the task at hand. And it is this, their functionality; that some people have an issue with.

OK so there is certainly a personal touch so to speak, regarding how to use such a device, but few can discard the fact that an efficient and reliable solution is definitely produced.

Personally speaking I think that it will be some time yet before today’s generation of bathroom users start to consistently use a bidet as part of their bathroom regime.

I believe this to be especially the case with the younger generation more so than with the older generation. I also believe that the biggest issue faced with using a bidet is time and whether or not people really want to spend time undertaking such a task in the bathroom?

If society can get past this particular issue then that is perhaps when more people will begin to use a bidet as part of their lavatory routine.


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