Heated Floors

cork worker at flooring workThe bathroom is perhaps the one room of the house where a heated floor would be the most popular choice for consumers.

This is of course down to the fact that nobody likes leaving a nice hot shower or bath; to then step onto a cold, damp floor!

Well the good thing is that heated flooring is now a much more viable option for the bathroom, in comparison to what it used to be.

Previously this was something only afforded to the few; simply because of the cost involved with not only the product, but also the installation and maintenance.

Nowadays, however, costs for heated flooring have been greatly reduced and installation is also now much more affordable.

As well as this, the products have improved in terms of efficiency, which means less repairs are required and therefore, less maintenance costs.

What this has done is it has opened up a whole new market for flooring manufacturers as more and more bathrooms are now being fitted with under floor heating.

One misconception is that the actual floor material needs to be tiles. This is not true though, as under floor heating is available for practically all materials.

Of course, tiled floors are the nations’ favourite choice when it comes to the bathroom and so the natural thought process is to assume this is the case.

It is fair to say that heated flooring does work especially well with tiles, however. This is perhaps much in part to the fact that tiles can often be cold to step on; especially after a nice hot soak.


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