Grime Scrub

Cleaning of dirty old tiles in a bathroomAs we all know there are a variety of areas in the bathroom that can often require some serious elbow grease to create a cleaner surface.

One of the toughest types of cleaning is regarding grime, which is a substance that builds up over time as a result of poor and regular maintenance.

Sadly, grime in the bathroom is a common thing, but this isn’t necessarily all down to a lack of maintenance.

Of course, if regular cleaning was carried out then such aspects would not arise.

However, given that there are many different elements involved in this part of the home (such as water and steam), the chances of grime production is  much greater than perhaps any other location.

Grime itself is a tough substance to remove if it is left unattended for long enough. A good, strong cleaning solution is required, not only for cleanliness, but also for germ reduction; of which grime is riddled with.

A number of different cleaning pads and cloths may also be required when dealing with grime; each of which may need to be used at different stages of the cleaning process.

For example, the initial scrub may well require a rougher scrubbing pad, which will be used to remove the bulk of the grime. And then once this has been achieved, a smoother cloth or rag may be used to wipe clean any leftover residue.


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