Glass or Plastic

modern bathroom with corner showerWhen choosing a shower unit, the vast majority now come with glass panels within the door frames.

And rightly so since glass is very much a solid material that offers plenty of benefits.

One of the best benefits is that it offers a professional looking insight into the shower area, and it is also somewhat easy to clean.

Water drips down from its sides and therefore it is perfectly suited to a shower unit. However the alternative which is plastic is the cheaper option.

This, however, is perhaps less suited to a shower unit because it is much more flimsy and less robust. Nonetheless, plastic panels are also rather easy to keep clean and they can be customised to different designs.


They can sometimes be a tad tacky looking though, which is one of the reasons that people are put off. Nonetheless they are still the cheaper option and some might say a little out of date in their styling; but a solution is provided.

Of course the majority of buyers if they had the choice would naturally choose a glass shower panel over a plastic shower panel, but these are obviously not the main considerations when buying a unit.

They are, however, considered important enough to influence price, which is therefore something all buyers prioritise! A choice between the two options, however, is not likely to cause too many dilemmas.

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