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Bathroom interiorSo once their added convenience was established and the shower was introduced to the masses, it became a pivotal moment in the history of the bathroom industry.

What it meant was that instead of bathtubs being the first installation in new properties, a shower unit would instead become the initial foundation for the rest of the room.

This was, as you can imagine, quite the power shift; but everything pointed to it being a positive

step. Showers not only took up less space than a full tub, but they were also much more economical and therefore better for the environment.

The reason for this is obviously quite logical; they used and continue to use far less water in comparison to filling up a bathtub.

There are also many different settings available with the newer units that mean increased rates of eco-friendliness, which further stacks things in its favour.

More information regarding this subject will be highlighted in other upcoming posts, but some of the other areas we will be discussing include; water saving solutions, double shower units, advanced features, and designs & styles. If any of the above perhaps tickles your fancy, please feel free to re-visit this section of the site soon.


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