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luxury bathroom with toilet sink and bidetThe popularity of bidets in bathrooms has certainly increased over the past few years, which was something we alluded to in one of our earlier posts.

They are, however, extremely popular in certain areas of the world; namely throughout Europe.

In fact, such is the popularity in countries such as Portugal and Italy, that bidets are actually seen in virtually every household.

In effect then, this makes them standard devices in households within these countries. This might also explain then why so many holiday resorts in these areas always seem to have a bidet present in their bathrooms.

Another area where this is the case for holiday resorts is Greece. Bidets are not necessarily overly popular in the Americas; although South America countries such as Uruguay and Argentine have been known to be mildly popular areas for such things.

Regardless of where they are mainly found, bidets are quite an efficient tool to have around the house, even if they might not be deemed appropriate by everyone.

To those more open to older styles and chic outlooks, bidets might well be on the agenda during bathroom decoration. To those less inclined and in tune with historical art, perhaps such devices would not be a welcomed addition to the bathroom. Of course it is all down to personal preference and making the most out of the space available.

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