For small bathrooms: „Nano” from „Cersanit”

We all know very well how problematic can be finding reliable bathroom fittings and it also shouldn’t be much surprise that many manufacturers actually try to meet the needs of their potential customers by offering series of bathroom ceramics intended and designed for use in smaller bathrooms. Sometimes this is, unfortunately, only a theory, because given solutions aren’t particularly good for tiny bathrooms and sometimes we can find really amazing designs and ideas for arranging small space. „Nano” series (from the offer of „cersanit”) is advertised as an ideal choice for those, who own bathrooms even smaller than what we usually consider „small” – time to verify if the above statement is true.

Absolute miniaturization

smallest Nano bathroom design

smallest Nano bathroom design

For some time now „Cersanit” has been providing bathroom equipment for even the smallest bathrooms and is known for untypical solutions, but „Nano” series is simply unbelievable – at least when it comes to the space efficiency and the use of available space in smallest possible bathrooms. The smallest exemplary bathroom is only 1,6 square meter and in such tiny space there is enough place for a toilet bowl, washbasin, washing machine and two (!) cabinets. Yes, there’s no mistake here – apparently owners of such small bathroom will have to take a bath somewhere else, because the design does not include any bathtub or shower enclosure. This is, however, the case only for this particular design, because in the next example (for slightly larger bathroom: 2,5 square meter) there is a corner shower cabin (but not from „Nano” series, surprisingly) and all other arrangements (for larger bathrooms, but all are not larger than 4,5 square meter, which is not much anyway) include asymmetrical bathtubs. When comes to the details, „Nano” is rather small series and consists of only 7 elements: four washbasins (three of them are symmetrical and available as right or left, one sink is asymmetrical), one wall-hung toilet bowl and two floor-standing compact toilets. In general this series is quite interesting option for all those, who need reliable equipment for their tiny bathroom – additionally all toilets are equipped with the dual flush system (2/4 litres), which is a nice bonus. All elements of this series are designed functionally and are pleasant to the eye, so they will fit most designs. As a serious drawback should be considered lack of any bathtub or shower cabin, which forces us to look for them in other series, but overall it is a good choice for quite reasonable price.

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