For Efficiency

????????The use of public bathrooms has once that has long been both a necessity and a popular choice among the general public.

In recent times, however, they have become so popular that there are now costs associated with using them in many part of the UK!

Putting that to one side for the moment, let’s dissect the design of a public bathroom and why it is obviously all about efficiency.

Given the nature of the use and the amount of usage that it will receive, using strong and robust materials is absolutely paramount.

If this was not the case then there would almost automatically be a regular occurrence of repairs, which would end up being rather costly.

Hardened materials for the wash basin, toilet and the doors are all things that need to be efficient in a public bathroom.

Hand dryers are another, which whilst extremely important, also need to be able to withstand the vast amount of use it will ultimately receive.

The downside to such things is that items are most often bulkier in size and are much less easy on the eye.

There will also be much wear and tear, and so finding any sort of design inspiration in these areas is going to be highly unlikely!

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